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Image of three Lincoln and Lancaster County (Nebraska) buildings for which DEC provides energy services
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District heating and cooling benefits building owners, developers and the community.

A better environment, reduced risk

  • On-site fossil fuel combustion and its related air emissions are reduced.

  • The use of nonrenewable fuels is reduced.

  • Ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) emissions are eliminated, reducing the burden and risk to individual building owners of complying with mandated CFCs regulations.

  • Indoor air quality and temperature controls are improved.

Efficient use of resources

  • Operators at DEC’s central plants use state-of-the-art control systems to monitor efficiencies, enabling use of demand-side electricity management.

  • Heating and cooling are available without switching major equipment on and off to handle daily and seasonal load variations.

  • Customers only use the amount of heating and cooling energy they actually need, generating little or no waste.

  • Peak electricity demand is reduced.

  • System efficiency is improved.


  • High-quality production, distribution and control equipment is used at the central plant.

  • Professional staff manages operations.

  • Space heating and cooling are uniform.

  • Customers are assured of building comfort.

  • The city’s downtown infrastructure is enhanced.


  • The need for on-site chillers is eliminated, reducing energy demand and use while increasing usable building space.

  • Capital costs for installation of on-site chillers and cooling towers are eliminated, making the capital available for other uses.

  • Maintenance, operating and labor costs are lowered.

Visually pleasing

  • By eliminating cooling towers, architects have more rooftop design freedom, and buildings can be more architecturally pleasing.

  • With fewer cooling towers on rooftops, the city’s skyline is improved.

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